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January 01, 2020 - By Ignatius Nikulins
Website pop-ups

Why do pop-ups still work?

Pop-ups are sort of the goto joke when it comes to the Internet. They are everywhere, and people spend thousands of dollars on advertisements that essentially annoy people and have low conversion rates. These two features are what most people associate with pop-ups.

Pop-up advertising is thought by some to be the most inefficient means of advertising there is. Most people don’t even bother reading pop-ups and straight away start looking for the close button. In fact, even the creator of the pop-up publicly apologized for his creation. Now pop-ups are universally hated, so why are they still used?

Let’s face it, marketing is one of the fastest evolving industries, and yet we are stuck to decade-old advertising technology. Pop-ups were meant to be a stop-gap advertising medium that was designed to be replaced by future advertising funnels like social media advertising, video advertising, etc.

The fastest-evolving industry is sticking to a universally hated standard. There must be a reason behind that, and we are here to explain it.

Most of the bad-reputation surrounding pop-ups have arisen from the early days of the Internet when computers were slow, and pop-ups made them slower. Nowadays, marketers have learned to properly utilize pop-up advertising, and when used correctly, they can be some of the most effective means of advertising.

The first factor is the audience. You can set up a pop-up such that it reaches everyone who visits your website. This kind of certainty cannot be found with other advertising mediums, where every dollar can give a different outcome.

There is this misconception that pop-ups cannot target audiences properly. We agree to disagree. You can set pop-ups to appear only when the visitor has gone through your content/website. See, if any visitor to your website stays longer than a few seconds, it means that your content interests them. And right when you have piqued their interest, a relevant pop-up can appear, and this can be extremely effective.

The thing is, pop-ups are as effective as the advertisers using them. If you create a basic popup asking visitors to fork over their Emails or purchase something, it just won’t work. On the other hand, if you create an attractive pop-up that is clear, concise and communicates information effectively within seconds, you are sure to have a much better experience.

Pop-up advertising can also work together with other forms of advertising. For example, you can use social advertising to market your landing page, and when users go through your landing page, you can use pop-up advertising to seal the deal.

We hope this has helped you to understand that pop-up advertising is still extremely effective, and you should try it too.

Good luck!