Support & Maintenance

Ongoing Improvements and Development

eCommerce website design and development is our forte and we know from experience that the most successful online retailers understand the importance of continual site improvement and development. Nothing stands still for a second in the online world! We’ll work closely with you on this. Not just to keep you at the forefront of technology for the sake of it – but to ensure your business stays in front of the crowd.

Support & Maintenance

Multi-Browser Testing

It’s essential that your website remains compatible across multiple web browsers – to check that all your web apps run correctly from wherever they are accessed and from whichever device. This will involve the testing of both client and server side app performance – to ensure your site is responsive and has uniform accessibility. Incomplete compatibility could mean an incomplete eCommerce operation.

Usability Testing

Even after your eCommerce site is fully operational and proving a success – we don’t let things rest. There’s no room for complacency – if for any reason your customers aren’t able to use your site in the way it was intended, they’ll go elsewhere. Usability testing of software, apps, devices – any area relevant to user interaction – forms a key and on-going part of our service offering. To ensure there is no compromise in site efficiency.

Performance Testing

Just a short downtime can be costly for your eCommerce site when opening hours should be 24/7. Performance tests are designed to check how your site behaves and responds to any given situation. Our programmers will search for any bottlenecks and take any remedial action as required. Our hands-on, pro-active service is designed to nip any problems in the bud before they occur – to keep your site performing at optimum levels.

Tutorials & Training

We always ensure that our clients have access to all the necessary training and tuition that may be required to keep on top of running a busy online store. But this needs to be done cost effectively in a way that isn’t time consuming. Retailogy can run one-on-one training and tutorials tailored to your needs and budget. This can be done remotely or face-to-face. Since we are here as your tech support network, you can be as involved or as at arm’s length as you wish to be.