Search Engine Optimisation

SEO matters monumentally – whether you are an online start-up or an internationally established business. You could have the best looking eCommerce website in the world, but if your customers are being directed elsewhere, all that eye-catching design and imaging will have been in vain.

Ten of thousands of Google searches are being made every second of the day.  So if you aren’t properly optimised, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd with a lowly search engine ranking. But with effective SEO optimisation, you’ll be visible – in prime position to reach your customers and to build your business empire.

Our web developers and designers include some of London’s most talented SEO specialists. They are passionate about search engine optimisation – making sure you are found by the right people in the right numbers – anytime of any day that people are looking to buy your products. No digital marketing strategy is complete without effective SEO. We’ll show you why and how!

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Audit

As an experienced London-based digital marketing agency, we not only build eCommerce sites from scratch, but also undertake detailed SEO work on existing sites which may not be producing the right results. Either way, an initial SEO audit, or health check, is one of the first stages of creating an effective SEO campaign.  This will help us understand what may have been holding you back, how you rank against competitors or are even playing into their hands by mistake. Our eagle-eyed experts will investigate keyword usage and relevance, content quality, page loading speed, geo-location of pages, broken links, confusing URLs and any duplication issues, any of which can throw search engines off the scent.

The audit will enable us to root out any problems and to establish a firm foundation on which to develop a winning digital marketing strategy for your business.

SEO Strategy

The whole point of having an eCommerce website is to create plentiful and quality traffic that will lead to conversions and sales. There are many components that need to come together to maximise success, but in today’s ultra competitive online world, having an effective SEO strategy ranks pretty high in terms of priority. If you aren’t sure where you are going, how will you know when you get there? As a fully-fledged digital marketing agency, our SEO specialists will work with you to create an optimisation strategy that is built around your core marketing objectives and specific campaigns, driving the traffic you want to your site, keeping you super-competitive and visible to your customers – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Keyword Search

This is terminology with which you may already be familiar. It refers to the words or terms that users are searching for in their browsers – information which is gold dust for any SEO campaign. If you don’t know what your customers are searching for, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage. For whilst you may well have a reasonable idea of what keywords are the most relevant to your business, you might be surprised to learn that your customers have other ideas!

So before we can optimise your site or formulate a targeted marketing campaign, we need to be sure of keyword accuracy, to boost your rankings and to ensure the right kind of site traffic is heading your way. Keyword search may also uncover some important gaps in the market which you could exploit.

We have the expertise to show you user preferences, the volume of users for particular words or phrases and trends that may be developing. Being on message is one thing but staying ahead of the game is equally important. Think of yourself as the target. The objective is for you to be slap-bang in the middle of the keyword bullseye – and not allowing customers to round the fringes or miss you altogether.

SEO Copywriting

We live in an age where content is king. Words on web pages matter more than ever and can make the difference between business success and failure. Words must inform, words need to showcase your business, words can and will sell your products.  Easier said than done? Not with our copywriting expertise at your command.  Leave it with us to fashion the phrases and manipulate the text, creating content that won’t just stick to the script as far as SEO is concerned, but also persuasively sing the praises of your products and services.

Copywriting isn’t a one-size fits all art-form. We will work with you to create content that tells your story the way you want it told and follows brand guidelines, that captures the mood and talks to your customers. Concise and informative copywriting can be the difference between making or breaking a sale. From web page content to blog writing, from social media pronouncements to video script writing, our seo copywriting professionals have experience of writing across a broad range of subjects in a variety of formats.

On-Page Optimisation

Any online store worth its salt needs a well-defined SEO strategy. But, whereas the strategy sets the overall template for success, there’s devil lurking in the detail – which is why on-page optimisation for your eCommerce site is essential. On-page SEO covers all the checks and measures that need to be taken to ensure the site is functioning at its peak to consolidate and influence position in the search engine rankings. This includes optimising content, keyword density, HTML code, improving meta descriptions and title tags. These services are all part and parcel of the detailed work our experienced developers will carry out on your behalf, to ensure your site is full of shoppers.

Link Building

The great thing about the internet is that you are not alone and needn’t rely solely on your own endeavours to be a big success. There’s a world of information and points of reference out there which could be invaluable in helping you build relationships with existing customers and in influencing new ones. Third party or independent reviews can help endorse your products and expertise. Anything that can establish consumer confidence and generate sales should be music to your ears. So we would highly recommend setting up a programme of link building to external sites that can have a positive impact on your business. The more quality links, references or third party endorsements you can establish, the more it will convince the search engines of your site’s credibility and the popularity of specific pages on the site. And, of course, it’s great news for your rankings.

Reporting & KPI’s

As a major London digital marketing agency, as part of our comprehensive offering, we offer all our SEO clients a thorough set of key performance indicators and offer industry-leading standards of reporting.  KPIs provide a vital check list to ensure your online stores is hitting its targets in all the important facets of front and back office activity.

The fundamental question has to be: is the search engine optimisation programme creating month-on-month or year-on-year growth. Is the strategy translating into bottom line revenue?

We use metrics to monitor performance and to demonstrate that each eCommerce site is delivering as it should in relation to, for instance, visitor statistics, user actions, sources of traffic, operational efficiency and sales performance.

Without a regular review of these KPIs it will be guesswork as to whether the business is achieving its goals or moving in the wrong direction.

We want to ensure that your business is making informed decisions. From a careful and regular analysis of data, it will enable us to fine tune future strategy, iron out any flaws in the business operation and help generate more sales.