Platform Migration

Migrate to a Better Platform

If the time has arrived to reboot your current eCommerce solution and migrate to an alternative platform – Retailogy is here to provide a comprehensive relocation service, so that you are totally happy with your new habitat. Working with many of the world’s leading online open source platforms, like WooCommerce and WordPress, we’ll find the best option to meet your needs. Giving you greater control over content, more successful SEO, increased functionality – and improved profitability.

Platform Migration

Reasons for Migration

If you’re fed up with your current eCommerce platform, it’s almost certainly because something has gone horribly wrong or you’ve simply lost patience and trust with the existing arrangements. The site keeps crashing, customers can’t check out and are left in the lurch. It’s hard work applying upgrades or you’ve lost faith in your developers. And costs are spiralling out of control. Whatever the reason, we’ll ensure your online business migrates to the most appropriate destination – one that’s more durable, scalable and cost effective and puts the problems of the past behind you.

Migration Process

First, we’ll analyse what you need, your business goals and objectives – and what the competition is up to. This will give us a big clue to finding the right answers. We won’t simply plonk your site on a new platform and hope for the best. We’ll work strategically and methodically, project managing the process from start to finish – with our skilled in-house developers devoting all the technical and training time you may require.

Using various re-platforming and custom mapping tools, we’ll handle the transfer of all customer, transaction, and product data. Everything will be properly stress-tested to ensure there is seamless performance across the site – front end and back end. No more breakdowns, no more glitches.

With platform migration successfully accomplished, you’ll be in possession of the robust, reliable, high performance online store you’ve always wanted.