Paid Search

Paid search can put you on an immediate level playing field with your competitors and offer a fast track to fresh income streams.

As an alternative to relying on SEO to get you to the top of the Google rankings, with paid search, you advertise within the sponsored listings section and you pay each time your site is clicked (pay-per-click or PPC). PPC can be a highly effective way of trumping any immediate or established competition, because it offers you instant visibility and the potential for rapid traffic and sales.

Paid Search

You have full control over when and where your PPC advertising appears and the budget which you wish to set aside for the campaign. Your site will only appear when people click on the keywords you have selected.

We have extensive experience in helping clients implement highly effective PPC campaigns across all the major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing as examples. We understand all the pros and cons, what to watch out for and how to optimise your spend.

Pay per click advertising is justifiably seen as a major part of any digital marketing strategy. To find out more and how this could be used in conjunction within your wider digital marketing strategy, talk to us today!

PPC Strategy

As with other areas of your eCommerce marketing, implementing a detailed strategy around PPC will pay dividends. There is a huge amount of competition out there, so you need to know what you’re doing before taking a leap of faith. Many of our clients start as complete beginners with PPC and others have unfortunately had their fingers burned in the past. Don’t despair. We will go through the whole process with you and create a strategy that’s right for your business. One that has the best chances of success with your target audience, whether that be nationally or internationally and even where multi-lingual PPC may be required.

Working on your specific business targets regarding traffic, growth and ROI, we can demonstrate how to maximise your return on every click (bid optimisation), using data driven methodology to get the best results.

For PPC newcomers, or those who feel that they haven’t had value for money to date from their PPC spend, Retailogy are here to turn your fortunes around.

Pay per click (Google, Bing/Yahoo)

PPC isn’t simply about succeeding with Google – although that’s vitally important. There’s a big, wide search engine world out there and players such as Bing and Yahoo can also play an important part in steering business your way.

We run PPC campaigns for clients across all the major paid search platforms. But we pick and choose according to budget resource and the relative effectiveness of each option. As a London based agency, with extensive expertise in the online retail arena, we have a huge amount of knowledge on which to draw, concerning the relative merits of each search engine.

Our objective is to provide measured, cost effective recommendations that will optimise your exposure around a PPC spend that you find comfortable.

Display Advertising

Display or banner advertising is another viable option within digital that can generate direct response from potential buyers and, at the same time, promote brand awareness.  Again, you can reach a potentially large audience for a relatively small outlay.

Display advertising differs from search advertising, in that the adverts appear on specific websites rather than in search results.  The Google display network is the largest of these, giving you exposure to over two million sites. No small numbers! Unlike more targeted search engine-led PPC, direct advertising offers a more universal approach. It’s less expensive but more scattergun. Again, we can advise you of the pros and cons, but much will depend upon your business objectives and how quickly and how widely you want to expose your message.


Remarketing is the internet’s way of giving you a second bite of the cherry in terms of reaching your target audience. It offers the chance to grab business which you may have missed first time around, by allowing you to target previously uncommitted visitors to your website. The most commonly used interfaces for this type of remarketing are Google Adwords, Facebook and YouTube and we can manage this style of campaign for you, using a combination of text, imagery or video advertising.

Just because visitors didn’t buy from you initially needn’t be the end of the relationship. Let us show you how remarketing can be an effective way of rebooting interest in your products.

Google Shopping Optimisation

As a proven advertising platform for eCommerce retailers, Google Shopping can provide a very attractive ROI. We’ve helped a number of our clients use it with great success.

Featuring in Google’s shopping feed can be a powerful influencer because it provides prominent exposure on natural search results pages – and can be a great way of outsmarting the competition ahead of any organically generated search.

If it all sounds confusing and a lot to take in – that’s why we are here. We can set up and optimise your shopping feeds and monitor everything on your behalf. Above all, it demonstrates the myriad of options you have at your disposal, to get your products to market and to rapidly generate revenue and sales from a standing start.

Paid Social

Social media should be an elemental part of any digital marketing strategy, but to do it all by yourself, building up followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, takes time. For this reason, opting for a paid social strategy is a tactic we always advise our clients to seriously consider. Potentially, it could generate a flood of followers you might otherwise take years to reach.

As always, it’s possible to test, track and optimise everything you put out on these networks. Done well, with creativity and an innovative approach, you could reap big rewards.  As your digital marketing agency of choice, we’ll show you how you could rapidly gain hundreds of thousands of followers and turn your business into a money making bonanza.

Analytics & Reporting

In all areas of paid search – from PPC to social media – the criteria upon which it is all judged has to be ROI. Are you getting value for money? Is your business growing as a result of your financial outlay?

As one of London’s most successful eCommerce digital marketing agencies, we thrive on results – because that’s what matters most to our clients. So having the ability to provide accurate and relevant analysis and reporting for each individual client is paramount.  Our team of analytics experts are here to give the lowdown on all important data appertaining to your business. Data that you may not have realised has relevance or significance, but which we can demonstrate certainly does!

Nothing gets below our radar. Every penny you spend should be accounted for. From analytics set up, auditing of data, customised reporting and client training services, we will devote the necessary time to ensure you get the best results from your paid search campaign.