How much will it cost to build an eCommerce website?  
That will depend on the extent of any features, third party integration and other automation. We’ll advise on the most cost effective platform for you – without compromise – to ensure you sell successfully online. You can also have a look at our eCommerce packages.
How long until my website will be ready?  
Every project is different and will depend upon its complexity and how quickly you are able to supply the necessary information. But we will always provide you with a timeline – and aim to finish ahead of the deadline. Adding features can extend the timescale, but we will agree this with you.
Do you charge for fixing bugs, amendments and enhancements?   
Our aim is for your website to perform at peak performance, so our monthly support covers bug fixing and small amends, unlike other agencies that charge for the smallest changes. Any costs for introducing complex features will always be discussed with you in advance.
Do you outsource?  
No.  All UI, UX and programming is done in-house by our team of 20 staff, including a creative director, account and project managers, website designers and developers.
Do you have a design team?  
Yes. As a top London digital marketing agency, we have an expert team of very capable UI and UX designers.
I’m looking for an unconventional eCommerce website  
No problem! For any transactional website, by utilising flexible platforms like WooCommerce and Wordpress, we can undertake all the necessary programming and build in any bespoke features to make your site unique.  Ultimately, it’s all about creating a user experience that matches your requirements.
If I migrate to a different ecommerce platform, will I lose my search engine ranking?  
No. We have many years’ experience in migration and, rest assured, you won’t lose your ranking. All your data will be imported seamlessly from your previous platform, including customer info, order history and product data – ensuring business as usual.
How do I increase sales and traffic to my website?  
Whatever your business model, our comprehensive digital marketing services are geared towards driving traffic to your eCommerce site and increasing sales.  We do this by creating highly visible websites that your customers will be encouraged to buy from.  Our tried and tested digital strategy will ensure you succeed online.
Can you integrate my website with my back office system?   
Yes. We’ve integrated numerous website and back office systems, including stock and warehouse management, courier and tracking information, accounting, ERP and CRM - pretty much any type of integration you require.
Do you handle data entry?  
Yes. If you have a large amount of product data we can automate the process and provide you with a template to follow. In some cases, where manual data entry is required, we can also help you to do this.
Why WooCommerce?  
Woo powers over 40% of all online eCommerce. Ideal for store management, it’s affordable, customisable, has great in-built tools and works perfectly for start-ups and experienced retailers alike. As WooCommerce specialists, we say this is a platform which ticks all the boxes.
Do you specialise in a certain industry?  
Our clients are drawn from a range of sectors, including fashion, cosmetics, finance and more besides. Our extensive eCommerce experience in all facets of website design and bespoke software development means we can work in pretty much any industry. If you want to sell online – we’ll turn your vision into reality.
Will I experience any website downtime?  
This is very unlikely. Downtime seldom occurs. As a leading website development agency, we use the UK’s top hosting company and have had an excellent relationship with them for years. If problems do occur, we will fix them ASAP, including at weekends. Our web monitoring system will immediately notify us of any errors or problems. However, nothing is fool proof and sometimes problems occur outside our control.
Are we on our own, after our website is launched?  
Certainly not. Whether your site is in its pre-launch stage or after it has gone live, we are there for you throughout, offering on-going advice and support as required. We don’t charge our clients for consultancy.
Is my website going to be responsive?  
Yes. Whether you have a standard eCommerce site or one using bespoke software, your website will be fully responsive. If required, we will also provide mobile apps, as part of an all-inclusive site development cost.
Do you provide website backups?   
Yes. We provide backups for all our clients for no extra charge. This is all factored into our support plan. Depending on the nature of your website and the priority you give to its safety, we can provide enhanced level of back-ups, if required.

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