Email Marketing

Create a compelling email marketing campaign and you could be onto a business winner.

Email marketing is just as important as it’s ever been. The key is knowing how to use it for maximum effect. With smartphones and tablets to the fore, user interfaces have advanced beyond all measure and email has had to adapt to changing trends and consumer behaviour. In the eCommerce environment, email remains an important marketing tool – a highly effective means of creating and building brand awareness.

There’s a world of opportunity that email marketing can offer online retailers. At Retailogy, we’ve helped plan and implement a wide range of   campaigns for clients – campaigns that have led to sensational sales success.  Let us show you how email can create business momentum for you too.

Email Marketing

Campaign Strategy & Planning

It’s a familiar phrase, but failing to plan is planning to fail. And we’ve seen some real horror shows in the email arena!  All that time and effort, all the anticipation that responders will appear in their droves. And then nothing happens. Not a bean.

Success is never guaranteed, but coming up with a proper campaign strategy is a pre-requisite for success. What’s your audience? What are your objectives? What’s your content? And how are you going to measure performance? We’ll work with you to cover all the key parameters ahead of implementation.

Creative Email Designs

 The whole point of sending a marketing email is to grab the recipient’s immediate attention and to provoke a positive response. So it’s vital to create a message that’s appealing, eye-catching and irresistible!  Don’t be dull, don’t lose the moment. Be bold and dynamic in your approach.

Our London-based team of designers and writers work with online retailers throughout the UK and further afield – entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to target a broad range of audiences across regions, territories and time zones. Hit the sweet spot with an inventive and innovative email. We know from experience it can turn trickle traffic into a torrent.

A/B Split Testing

This may sound complex, but is actually a highly effective way of accurately comparing the success of your online marketing campaigns or specific promotions.  A/B split testing is an experiment to see which version of an email promotion, or landing page, receives the best conversion rates amongst recipients.  It could be two or maybe more variants of the same email message – but presented differently. It’s a great way of road-testing which works best – based on real life results.

Completely controlled experimentation can go a long way. Indeed, A/B split testing is a process we regularly adopt to trial a promotion or product launch. It’s helped steer clients towards some sensational results, which might have otherwise have gone untried. We can assist you with all aspects of testing – from message preparation to detailed data analysis.

Mobile Ready

The technology now available to email marketers is staggering – and what an opportunity this presents! More than half of all emails are now accessed via a mobile device. So ensuring that all mail-outs can be browsed from smartphones and tablets, has to be a priority for any eCommerce retailer.

As leading-edge London headquartered digital marketing experts, we have all the technical know-how needed to implement slick, image-led email promotions – wherever your target audience chooses to read them.

That means making certain every message, however detailed, is fast loading and in sharp focus, across all devices, including retina devices.

Landing Pages

 If you are seeking to target customers in a particular geographical area or alert them to product specific information, then creating a landing page often provides the perfect option.

Well-executed, they won’t just rapidly boost conversion rates but also provide key marketing research into consumer behaviour and response relating to a particular campaign. (see also A/B split-testing)

As with all elements of your website design and content, our teams are well-versed in creating landing pages for online retailers, boosting traffic and driving sales.

Reporting & Analysis (Performance Insights)

Your mailing lists may be extensive and you may have tons of information you’d regularly like to share. But it’s crucial that you also have the ability to track any email marketing campaigns you are running. Are they working, can more be squeezed out of them?

We’ll ensure that nothing you do is a shot in the dark.

By tracking performance and analysing metrics, we can demonstrate how many people opened any given email, what part they clicked on and how much revenue was generated from the campaign. It will also enable us to spot email bounces, unsubscribers and click-through stats – all key data that will help optimise your future email marketing performance.