Start selling online with a standalone mobile app

In the age of mobile internet and the rise of smartphones, websites are becoming a secondary focus. App culture is enriching every day especially with the CORONAVIRUS crisis. Businesses have now realised the need to effectively use mobile applications to attract customers and drive online sales. App is easier for customers to use and for you to manage as a business (no domain, no email marketing, no SEO, no hustle). There's an app for everything and there's a space for your online store app as well.

  • We will develop and launch your App within days
  • We will provide you with a user-friendly IOS and Android App to sell online
  • You will have the right tools to manage and update your online store efficiently
  • Your app will reflect your brand identity such as logo, app icons and colour scheme

Our solution covers

Our package includes

Track Your Store

See at a glance which products are performing best. Check your overall revenue, and view order and visitor data by day, week, month and year.

Manage Orders

Scroll through, filter, or look up specific orders. Tap to view order information - including product(s), value, customer data, shipping details, and notes. Basic order fulfillment is also possible.

Real-time Order Alerts

Get notifications about store activity, including new orders and product reviews. There's an optional cha-ching sound!

eCommerce Mobile App

Start selling online within 2 weeks with our Android & iOS App – everything you need to attract customers and sell your products effectively online.

Optional extras:

  • Bespoke requirements
  • Managed services
  • Proactive support

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