Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Ensuring site visitors become paying customers is the name of the game.

Watching the orders roll in and shipping products to their selected destination is what online retail is all about.  But getting customers and retaining them doesn’t simply fall into place. eCommerce is a constantly evolving process and as consumers grow more and more expectant and demanding, online retailers need to be up for the challenge!

That’s why CRO should be a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy.

It’s vital to be proactive, responsive to shifting consumer buying trends and preferences. The data emanating from your site will tell you this. CRO is designed to spot any areas of your site that may need to be improved to boost conversion rates. Our highly experienced CRO specialists will work closely with you to monitor all the key data and to make changes where necessary. It might be a subtle tweak but whatever it takes, don’t underestimate the need for CRO. Its purpose is to keep your business moving in the right direction.

UX & CRO Audit

Achieving first rate user experience should be a priority for any online retail operation. Visitors will expect nothing less. If your site is hard to navigate, doesn’t load properly, doesn’t provide the right information and, worse still, can’t process orders efficiently, then you’ll turn away business by the truckload.

By gathering data on your key audiences, we will conduct a complete UX and CRO audit across all devices – from desktops to mobiles. As a digital marketing agency specialising in online retail, we have in-depth sector specific knowledge.  We can check and cross-reference your site operation, to ensure that there are no barriers to customer conversion. In addition, we will eradicate any occurrence of sales funnel drop off and fix minor impairments standing between you and your customers.

We’ll also undertake usability testing, heat mapping, analytics research and other processes as part of our top class CRO services.

Planning & Wireframes

As a leading London website design and development agency, we understand the importance of effective planning to ensure your new eCommerce site hits the ground running. This is where CRO effectively starts, since everything we do is geared towards creating great user experience and facilitating sales.

After undertaking a detailed user analysis to understand as much as we can about your customers, our design team will work with you to create wireframes. They provide an important visual guide showing how the site will look, page by page. But they also serve as an invaluable reference point from which we can test site function, navigation and what the whole user experience will feel like.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Both these methods of testing are integral elements within CRO which we regularly implement on behalf of our clients. They each reveal important scientific information regarding the effectiveness of certain content, imagery, calls to action etc.

Whereas A/B testing will indicate which two versions of a landing page received the better response from customers, for example multivariate testing will expose whether your visitors have responded in greater numbers to an embedded video with or without a contact form alongside. These are different levels of testing sophistication but each provides potent data that can make a radical difference to future lead generation.

User Journey & Path Analysis

By analysing the behaviour of your site visitors – to the point of conversion – we can get a clear understanding of their experience and whether there were any unnecessary obstacles they may have encountered along the way. From this data, we can ascertain whether any areas of the site require any alteration – both to enhance user experience and, ultimately, to increase your profitability.

With the tools and expertise we have to hand, we can introduce any changes to speed up and increase sales volume. If something isn’t working as efficiently as it should – we jump on it. With many agencies, you simply don’t get this level of service.

Ongoing Improvement

Fine tuning an eCommerce site is a continual process. That’s why we always encourage an on-going developmental programme for all our clients.

As part of our CRO service, we operate a policy of best practice at all times, to benchmark performance. This includes swiftly addressing any problem areas that come to light on the site and actioning any changes as quickly as possible.

Results consistently show that fast response and pushing the boundaries in service delivery is directly linked to an increase in traffic and improved conversion rates.

Reporting & Insights

Successful eCommerce is down to team effort – a meeting of minds between client and agency. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling watches or sports goods, flowers or furniture, effective and regular reporting is needed to keep any online retail operation performing optimally.

As one of London’s leading digital marketing and website development companies, we know that it is only through thorough research, analysis and testing that our broad spread of clients stay competitive and are growing their businesses.

We are firm believers in being accountable for our actions, so detailed and regular reporting and monitoring is an integral part of our working philosophy. Digital marketing is a fast moving and dynamic industry which excites our staff and motivates them to provide the absolute best that they can for our clients. So whenever we are able to share insights with clients, we will. Anything that can improve CRO is a win-win situation as far as we are concerned.