Content Marketing

Don’t be content with sub-standard content. Instead, let’s make it sing, stirring your customers into action.

The internet is a universal blizzard of words. Every piece published online is competing for an audience, in the same way you are. You may be in a crowded or a highly specialist marketplace, depending on what you are selling. Regardless, if you want to build your brand and develop a successful eCommerce website, you need great content. Without it, you are in danger of being ignored by the search engines and selling yourself short.

As dedicated London based eCommerce website specialists, we have helped a broad selection of online retailers achieve phenomenal success. And we want you to follow suit. From experience, we know that one key route to success is via the creation of superior content – running across all areas of your digital marketing.

Our mission is to see you engaging with your audience and, once you’ve grabbed their attention, retaining them as long term customers. Incisive, innovative and inspiring content will make that journey far easier.

Content Marketing

Content Strategy

The starting point is to create a strategy for your business. Not through hit-and-hope but through setting clearly defined goals and objectives. Our content strategists have a wealth of experience covering all manner of online retail operations – from SMEs to multi-nationals.

We’ll work with you to understand your brand values and objectives, the composition of your target audience and to help formulate a clear eCommerce marketing strategy. From this, pin-point communication can follow.

On your behalf, we will undertake keyword research to support SEO, we’ll investigate trends and consider analytical data – everything required to develop a first-class content strategy.

The words that pass the selection process – for web page content, online newsletters, blogs, social media, adwords, video etc – will be SEO optimised, creating a powerful and clearly directed message across all platforms.

Creative Campaign Planning

You want an agency that can provide you with ideas, with an alternative view and a fresh pair of eyes. But also with its sights set firmly on what’s realistic and achievable – with the experience and foresight to guide you towards eCommerce success.

The first stop is creating a unique campaign plan. Who’s it for? Where’s it going? What’s the message? What’s the objective?  Important questions that need answers.

Many of our clients know what they want to say but struggle to put their thoughts into words. Don’t worry if you fall into this category. We can handle this for you, interpreting what you wish to convey but with original, memorable and evocative content that will invite a positive response from your target audience.


Digital marketing content needs to cover a multitude of bases. Creative copywriting has a role to play in many formats. In short snappy headlines, clear website page content, persuasive sales copy, as well as content for email campaigns, blogs or longer pieces of prose.

Our experienced and intuitive copywriters will write from scratch or help you fine tune your own content – whatever the level of service you require.  Everything we do on the copy front will be SEO friendly and designed to build your brand, attract the traffic you need to your site and to encourage them to buy your products – repeatedly.

We can’t overstate the importance of the words that find their way onto your eCommerce site. That’s why the connection between copywriter and client is such a key part of our service offering.

Content Creation

Where does content come from? The heart and soul, that’s where. It starts with a thought, a dream, a philosophy, before morphing into words on a screen. From experience, we understand that every client has different expectations regarding content creation. Some will want us to prepare their entire word count – across all elements of their digital marketing profile. Others need specific input – for blogging or email marketing messages, for example.

Above all, our creative writers will work with you to prepare copy that is tailored to the audience in question, that matches your objectives and that is consistent with your digital marketing strategy.


When the words have found their place across your digital marketing footprint, they need to be judged on their performance.

Our consulting services incorporate a broad range of platforms, including as an accredited Google Analytics Certified Partner. Based on robust evidence, using the latest data collection and measurement processes, we will help empower you to take informed commercial decisions.

Every online business requires different data and much of our analytics work is wrapped up in technical terminology – but ultimately it needs to be data that’s relevant to you and no two situations are the same. That’s why our expert analytics team will work with you to ensure the data that’s captured is meaningful and offers clear guidance for future business direction.