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By banishing plastic into the past, Paper Straws London manufactures 100% natural straws, designed to do what they say on the tin with no gimmicks or sogginess.

Paper Straws London are a family run business based in London who pride themselves on making great looking, environmentally friendly and safe paper straws in a vast range of colours. The Paper Straws London eCommerce website had to balance its core identity with a modern treatment. WooCommerce allowed us to seamlessly create multiple variations for each Paper Straws London product with very complex shipping rules.

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  • WooCommerce

Retailogy created a very strong brand identity and logotype to better represent the brand offerings. Retailogy’s inspiration was driven directly from the colourful products, projecting the feel of drinking paper straws directly into the overall user interface of the website. Using design to maintain the story behind the brand allowed us to create a fresh, user-friendly and impactful eCommerce website, which has been very well received by our client and customers.

TESTIMONIALS “We instructed Retailogy to advise, copyright, design and build our full eCommerce site. We have been so impressed, and so have our customers. The website looks brilliant and the ease of use for our customers has been really well accepted. Thanks Guys great job!” Tim Clifton, (Paper Straws London)