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Loudoe captures these underrated, unheralded moments in art, illustrations, narratives, photos and video, offering the observer fresh and challenging perspectives on what surrounds us.

Urban, industrial and edgy, this is the Loudoe style. Their graphic inspiration comes from night time or low-light cityscapes and streets – cold, stark, imposing scenes and structures. Retailogy was approached to create an online presence for Loudoe. The main challenge of this particular website brief was to create a clean, versatile visual identity that would complement both creatives and products which are also reflected in the evocative range of Loudoe's branded T-shirts, bracelets and posters.

  • eCommerce Design & Build
  • UX Design & Strategy
  • WooCommerce

The Loudoe’s shop has a range of distinctive yet minimalistic branded fashion products and a series of unique digital prints, all produced in the signature Loudoe style and reflecting the stories they create. WooCommerce helped Loudoe to get orders out the door in a timely manner and keep customers updated to encourage future purchases.