WooCommerce Design Specialist London WooCommerce Design Specialist London

The Impact for Breakfast Club is a network of family offices, foundations, funds, venture philanthropy and intermediary organizations with a common focus on social enterprise, entrepreneurship and impact investing.

IFB started out as a small handful of practitioners gathered around our board room table in 2008 has today become a thriving and dynamic community of colleagues. Retailogy was chosen to create a very strong brand identity to reflect the values of the proposition and a website to attract more members and expand to multiple cities.

  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Services
  • UX Design & Strategy

The geographical interests of the group span from small and growing businesses in Europe to those in the furthest emerging markets. A simple 2 steps registration feature allow investors to join IFB for conscious investing decision. Retailogy also built an event management system for IFB staff to manage current and upcoming events across multiple cities.

TESTIMONIALS “Retailogy is certainly the company that can. They took our style, our values and brand message and then turned it into a beautiful, fully functioning website - we couldn’t have imagined it better.” Deborah, (Impact For Breakfast)