Brand Identity

When you are launching an eCommerce business, one of the most important things you need to consider is your brand. How do you most effectively present your business to the outside world and connect with customers? The brand is the most visible way to tell your customers who you are, what your business is about and why they should trust you enough to shop with you.

You may already have an established brand in place, along with set brand guidelines. But if you have yet to formulate one, don’t worry. As a full service website design and development agency, we’ve worked with numerous clients on brand identity – and we’d be delighted to create something special on your behalf.

Brand Identity

Domain Naming

What’s in a name – potentially plenty! What would you rather do – be run of the mill or inspirational? There can be more to domain naming than you think. We’ll help you create a strong and memorable one that will help put you on course for sustained online success.

You may have a real corker of a name up your sleeve or are already working from an established domain. But if you are in need of guidance and inspiration, leave it to us!

Logo Design

We don’t just create great websites – as a leading London-based creative agency, we are also specialist logo designers. Your logo design will often be the first impression you make on a potential new customer – and should act as a powerful branding tool, steering them to your products and services. The right logo will go a considerable way to defining the success of your business – strengthening and embellishing your brand. Never underestimate its importance!

Web Typography

More than ever, in today’s digital landscape – people are attuned to typography, design and imagery. The importance of good typography should never be ignored. In a digital context, fonts speak louder than words. As a full service, digital marketing agency, as part of our web design services, we place great store on the importance of eye-catching typography that brings life and expression to content.

Brand Guidelines

Truly great brand guidelines do one thing above everything else – they provide a clear, unequivocal message to everyone who needs to come into contact with the brand, either within or outside the business. They set the rules, the benchmark for how your brand is to be used. It can be a complex process, requiring careful planning and a calculated approach. As eCommerce and website design experts, before you launch your online store, we can help you devise your branding strategy, so that there is a consistent theme throughout all your online marketing.