Affiliate Marketing

For business expansion, using affiliate marketing channels is a highly effective, cost efficient tactic.

As part of an overall digital marketing strategy, affiliate marketing is an essential tool for many online retailers looking to ratchet their revenue streams. From toys to perfumes, leather goods to lingerie, in the UK alone sales exceeding £2 billion are generated annually through affiliate generated business.

As one of London’s leading affiliate marketing agencies, with our guidance, support and connections, we have seen numerous SME and larger clients thrive from teaming up with respected affiliate marketing networks. Industry leaders like Affilinet, Webgains, Affiliate Window, Tradedoubler and many more.  We’ve also helped online stores create their own highly successful bespoke affiliate programmes.

Affiliate Marketing

It doesn’t matter whether you are targeting customers nationally or globally, our years of experience in devising affiliate marketing strategies have helped drive remarkable sales success for our retailing clients. Just think what it could do for your business if you could add hundreds of talented and hungry sales staff to your team and pay them on a performance related basis. Let us show you the best way to integrate an affiliate programme into your overall marketing strategy for potentially stratospheric results!

Affiliate Program Consultancy

Setting up an effective affiliate marketing programme can be time consuming, especially if you have no prior experience to call on. As London-based digital marketing experts with international reach, that’s where we come in. Even if you ultimately want to handle the project in-house, we can help provide all the necessary expertise to connect your site to the best suited affiliate platforms for your specific business objectives. At Retailogy, we provide dedicated Affililate Program Consultancy, on the one hand helping clients stay abreast of all the latest affiliate developments and opportunities but, just as importantly, keeping your affiliate network motivated and on your side.

Programs Management

By its nature, digital marketing is dynamic and fast paced. You can’t afford to take your eye off the ball – and this certainly applies to affiliate marketing. Trends, fads and unexpected competition can spring up from nowhere. Nothing stands still for long – so effective programme management is fundamental for maintaining long term affiliate marketing success.

Ensuring that your program is consistently delivering return on investment (making you lots of money) is paramount. If it’s not, then this could be an indicator that you need to alter your stance. If you are currently running a stable of affiliates, are there technical ailments with your site that are holding you back?  Is your affiliate commission structure out of whack with industry norms?  Are you not driving decent traffic to your site and getting value for your spend? Our programs management can address all these issues. We will uncover any faults and shortcomings, where necessary re-balance the approach and accelerate your path to affiliate marketing profitability.

Lead Generation

One of the major reasons why online retailers are keen to embrace affiliate marketing is because it is a really cost effective way to generate fresh leads.

If you want to attract a new stream of customers and expand your product range to a whole new audience, then affiliate marketing could be just the answer.  Perhaps you have specific campaigns that you’d love to go viral, competitions and incentive programmes to launch, email marketing ideas for niche sectors – by partnering with hungry and enthusiastic affiliates with the ability to generate high traffic and quality consumer response, could make a big difference in terms of leads and conversion rates. We’ll show you how to do this. New revenue-producing prospects could be closer than you realise!

Affiliate Recruitment

The world is full of affiliate marketers. Many are dab hands at what they do – but not all of them.  Recruiting high quality affiliates is important. Not only because they can bring you plenty of new sales, but they’ll also enhance and protect your brand image and reputation. As one of London’s longest established affiliate marketing agencies, we can help you invest wisely and strategically in attracting the right affiliates to promote your business. Building relationships with new influencers and publishers can take time – time you may not have on your hands. We can select affiliates with a proven track record – individuals who will represent your business with flair and professionalism. Keeping an eye out for top affiliate talent is an on-going process – and all part of our service.

Blogger Outreach

The power and influence of bloggers can be hugely beneficial in all forms of online retailing. Not just for big companies, but also for eCommerce newbies. Cultivate people who have credibility and a large following, who are content to write enthusiastically about your products, and you could hit the sales jackpot. When persuasive bloggers say something’s worth buying, their followers get out their credit cards! Those are the sort of bloggers you want on your side, promoting your business.

Building an affiliation with respected members of the blogging community is something we would strongly advocate – especially if they have an understanding and appreciation of your retail sector.

With our insider knowledge and ear to the ground, we can help point you in the direction of trusted bloggers who have the ability to recommend your products and drive sales your way.

Integrations & Ongoing Support (Technical)

If your affiliate program isn’t functioning properly, it could have a major impact on sales and reputationally set your business back. Being confident that your affiliate program runs as smooth as clockwork, making you plenty of money, requires ongoing care and attention. The calibre of our technical team will help prevent any gremlins creeping into the program, ensuring that any integrations, updates, plug-ins and general maintenance are all up to the mark.  Robust technical support is something we take great pride in offering our clients. We will provide you with an accurate measurement of how your affiliate program is performing, so that you are positioned for maximum market exposure and on course for sales galore!