Top 4 criterias for choosing an eCommerce agency

Startup eCommerce

Woo commerce Website Development Startup eCommerce Package Custom design

Get up and running quickly with our Startup eCommerce package which provides everything you need for your online store.

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New to online retail? We offer proven, cost effective solutions that will set you on the road to long-term success

When you first get going with eCommerce, we know that money can be tight. But don’t be concerned. We work with many online start-up retailing businesses and have created a successful formula that will keep your costs as low and affordable as possible. Our aim is to support you through those important early stages – when you most need our help. We’ll advise you on what can be achieved and what’s realistic within your budget.  Above all, we want you to succeed. Rest assured, we won’t ever compromise on quality, but we will support you through every stage of your business development.


Established eCommerce

Established WooCommerce

We know exactly what’s required to take an established online retail business to new and exciting levels

If you are disillusioned with your current provider, need a fresh approach to how you market your products online or are looking to scale your business – we’re on your side! When it comes to finding effective and enterprising eCommerce solutions for established online retailers, our extensive and wide-ranging experience has been put to good use over many years. Whether you are staying with your existing platform or looking for a new approach, we’ll ensure the process is as seamless as possible and doesn’t impact your day-to-day operation. With Retailogy’s capability, outstanding support and fast response, we’ll make your business more competitive and boost that all-important bottom line. We are just a phone call away!


Enterprise eCommerce

Bespoke WooCommerce

Looking for something outside the norm? We thrive on creating unique websites for special businesses just like yours

Depending on the specific nature of your business model, a standard website may not be suitable to fulfil all your objectives. In which case, we can tailor a bespoke design and development plan, geared to your unique requirements. If you have an exciting new concept you are bringing to market or something that’s a little unconventional, then a tailored service may be just the answer. And if it is, you couldn’t have asked for a more ready, willing and able service provider. Our website development expertise, often involving the most complex integrations, will fashion the fit to match your mission.

WooCommerce & WordPress experts

Securing the trust and confidence of your online customers is paramount. So we want you to feel confident that your website will be built by people with expert knowledge in WooCommerce and WordPress – two of the most successful, sophisticated and cost-effective eCommerce platforms, favoured by online retailers the world over.

Services We Provide

Whatever you choose to sell from your website, niche or new, luxury or mainstream, our comprehensive range of services will provide you with everything you need for the very best in eCommerce.

eCommerce Strategy and Planning

For your online retail business to prosper, first you need a clear strategy. By utilising our considerable eCommerce expertise, we’ll help you create a clear roadmap outlining your business objectives, identifying your target audience, building a brand identity and creating a website blue print. The key fundamentals for online success.

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WooCommerce Platform

The WooCommerce platform set the standard for the majority of today’s successful online retail operations. The development options they provide are endless. That’s why we’ve made it our business to master the technology behind this world class platform and why we choose to use them for so many of the sites we build.

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Ecommerce Strategy
Content Writing
Digital Marketing

Effective digital marketing is essential if you are to reach and retain customers.  As a top London eCommerce agency, it’s our job to fine-tune every element of your digital marketing for optimum returns. From SEO to social media, copywriting to content marketing, video production to email campaigns, we’ll ensure you attract, inform and influence your target audience.

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Design & User Experience

We always place ourselves in the position of the end user because the way your website looks and functions will play a huge part in determining whether buyers will want to transact with you. Visual appeal is one thing, but ensuring your site is easy and fun to navigate will have a major say in sales volume.

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Marketplace Integration

For a successful online presence, your website needs to be visible in all the right places. With our comprehensive eCommerce expertise at your disposal, we’ll ensure your products are properly integrated with the eBays and Amazons of this world, as well as key price comparison sites, to provide you with the best possible market exposure.

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Mobile Applications

We specialise in the design, development, integration testing and maintenance of Apps for all IOS and Android devices. Our developers are at the top of their game when it comes to creating Apps that are innovative, intelligent, high on visual appeal and responsive – impressing your customers and keeping your business competitive.

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Marketplace & Mobile Applications
Digital Marketing
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